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Improving Mental Health Through Spiritual Wellness

Getting attuned to one’s spiritual health can have far-reaching effects on the body’s physical and mental well-being. Spirituality is unique to each one. It can be embodied by traditional religions, such as Christianity, Islam, or Hinduism. Conversely, it could be manifested through personal relationships or a connection to nature.

To grow spiritually in a world that’s awash with power, money, and influence is a formidable undertaking. Mobile devices, media streaming, and the Internet have charmed most of society so that they restrict themselves to mere physical needs and wants. These factors ultimately put notions of self-worth and self-meaning in disarray. How can one come to terms with the material and spiritual aspects of their life?

Shopping - Improving Mental Health Through Spiritual Wellness

Sometimes, the absence or lack of spirituality can lead to feelings of deep sadness, depression, intense anger, fear, anxiety, and grief. These create an ideal environment for mental health dysfunction.

Sufism - Improving Mental Health Through Spiritual Wellness

There are medications to curtail or prevent the aforementioned conditions. However, not everyone responds well to drugs. That’s why some resort to natural healing, such as meditation, prayer, and psychotherapy.

Sufism is an example of a meditative form of natural healing. It is an ancient spiritual practice that hailed from Islam. Sufism refers to a way of life that aims to be free from attachments and to transcend the mind. It is through these goals that one opens up and receives greater love. In the Western hemisphere, Sufism became known through the works of a Sufi poet named Rumi.

The Spiritual Journey

Upon entering the spiritual path, one begins to change perceptions and see new interpretations of reality. The individual moves from being oblivious to becoming an empowered, conscious, loving, holistic, and fully functioning person.

How does one start the spiritual journey? It often begins with a personal crisis. It’s the hardship that sparks this inner desire to look beneath the surface and find a more rational meaning and purpose.

The Meaning of Living Well

With the hasty and jam-packed schedules of many individuals, the question that often comes up is what living well actually means. Is it about living healthy? Is it about exercise or managing stress? The answer is yes to all of them.

Taking a step back momentarily and looking at the present moment allows a person to take inventory of themselves and who they’d like to be in the future. Being aware of where one is at the moment will help them set their sights for guided personal development.

Getting Through Tough Times

Change will always come into one’s life. What’s important is how to deal with it. Confronting change with confidence and trust will certainly give one the strength and courage to adapt with ease.

There are times when one feels that events seem to catch up and there’s nowhere to turn to. Whatever the circumstances may be, or whatever problems arise, there is always a way out. Learn to ask for help. Sometimes, help can come from strange places.

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